Zoo Reflections

The trip was to the zoo was awesome, and if you didn’t get to go, I’d definitely recommended you go later on in the semester (perhaps when it’s warmer). The bird habitats actually reminded me of one of my favorite zoo-like places, the Montréal Biodome.

The Montréal Biodome with Stade Olympique hovering behind it.

The biodome is divided into four ecosystems with representative plants and animals from each. There’s a Tropical Forest, a Laurentian Forest, a St. Lawrence Estuary and a Antarctic Area. You can walk through these four completely different North American biomes, and the collection is really interesting. Since it’s organized by biome, you get a feel for how the ecosystem looks in the wild, although since the animals are fed I doubt there’s much predator/prey dynamics going on. There are all sorts of creatures in the biodome, and the tickets are relatively cheap (you can get a combination with the Stade Olympique tour for like $25-30 CAD). The Montréal Insectarium and Botanical Gardens are nearby and are really fun as well – you can spend a whole day at the park. If you get a chance to visit Montréal – and you should, it’s only 6 hours away – try to save a nice spring/summer day for this trip. It’s well worth it.

Don’t believe me? Check out these penguins for yourself:

Stand-up comedy among Arctic waterfowl.

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Netflix Is Awesome

Animal related things you should really watch if you have Netflix (and if not, get it! It’s $5/month to stream all you want)

  • David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials
  • The Life of Mammals
  • The Life of Birds
  • All of the Blue Planet episodes (There’s three collections of two episodes each)
  • March of the Penguins
  • The Planets (Okay, this one isn’t animal related per se, but it’s BBC and I’ve enjoyed it.)

The scientific quality can vary, but the photography and beauty of nature shines through every time.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

P.S. Microcosmos is not on Netflix as far as I know but has some awesome macro photography of bugs doing their thing and is definitely worth whatever it costs on Amazon.

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